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- Matron of Honor -

It all started the first day of freshman year of high school way back in 2006 when this friendship started. I remember sitting down in the lunchroom with another friend and she introduced me to Sarah Jane, little did I know that this girl would be my Matron of Honor on my wedding day. Through the 14 years of friendship, we have grown closer and closer. We share the love of crafting, drinking wine, and watching chick flicks together. I am so glad to have her in my life and to have her share this special day with me.

- Maid of Honor -

This friendship started around 14 years ago. We both don't remember exactly how it happened, but we know it started during the first season of Colorguard in high school. We were both freshman and spent a lot of time together with all the marching band practices, but I am pretty sure we became friends very easily. We have been on some crazy trips and have experienced a lot of things together in the many years of our friendship. I am so happy to have her in my life as one of my best friends and to have her by my side on this important day in my life.

- Bridesmaid -

Nikolina is Cassie's newest friend. They only met in 2019 through Sarah Jane. I took a trip to Maryland to help Sarah Jane and Joe move and that's the first time I met Niko. We instantly became best friends. She recently moved to Japan with her husband who is in the Navy, which is not easy, but I am so happy to have her has my best friend and to have here next to me on my wedding day.

- Jr. Bridesmaid -

Brianna is Cassie's second cousin. Cassie used to babysit Brianna and her Jordan, while watching them grew a great relationship between them. Cassie is honored to have Brianna be part of her special day.